Ilja Laurs is one of the most successful entrepreneurs and venture investors in Lithuania.

After selling GetJar, the largest independent app store, he founded Nextury Ventures and now invests into the most promising tech companies in the region across different spaces, from 3D printing to mind-reading and beyond.

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After working with Ilja on an economics bestseller "Business in a New Way" Neringa Medutyte goes on a trip to find out the routes of the idea, and the thoughts of the man who is willing to change the world. In situations where journalism meets art and imagination challenges science she gets to know Ilja Laurs, a man who sells the future. You may not realise it, but one of the most successful Lithuanian businessman has already touched many of our lives and thoughts.

Business in a New Way

Book on business, entrepreneurship and investments “Business in a New Way” was released by Ilja Laurs in 2013.

This book has broken multiple book publishing records in Lithuania and is #1 non-fiction bestseller in the country.

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